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RLHTalent is an independent artist management and publicity company representing experienced and new to the industry performers for work in the film, television, and music industry.
There are many publicists and PR firms, but only a handful on the media's A-list. We professionally represent each of our clients. Today's highly complicated media environment requires insider knowledge and contacts. This industry is about who you know. That's why every successful celebrity, author or entrepreneur has a publicist.
USA Today said, "Publicity is becoming like politics and people are realizing that fame does not happen accidentally." Having powerful and highly experienced representation is the key. It's not about press releases, major shows and publications receive thousands of those each day. It's about having direct personal access and influence. It takes many years for a publicist to build top level media relationships
One of the many advantages with our firm for talent is that we also are a full film and television show production company. We currently have over thirty films and several television shows in development to in production. We also own the last Penny Marshall film she was involved with before her passing. Scott Marshall who is Gary Marshall's son and nephew of Penny Marshall will be directing this film which is slated to start filming in 2021.

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Contact us at: info@rlhtalent.com.