RLHTalent Management assists current top entertainers, new to the industry talent on the entertainment front which include Musicians, Actors, Actresses, Models, Film Makers and more. If you think that you have the talent to go all the way and just need the right management to help you achieve your dreams perhaps we can be of help.

The Land of No Return will be produced by RLHTalent Productions and Shattered Glass Entertainment Coming soon to Theaters

Holly Harrell lands national ad campaign for Little Royal's Hair products.

Holly has a promising career as a model and young actress.

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There are many publicists and PR firms, but only a handful on the media's A-list. We professionally represent each of our clients.  Today's highly complicated media environment requires insider knowledge and contacts. This industry is about who you know. That's why every successful celebrity, author or entrepreneur has a publicist. When researching PR firms, ask yourself – would five people on the street recognize any of their clients? The one true indicator of a good publicist is simple – famous clients.  Google the publicist name..who are their clients, do they have press releases that have been picked up by media around the world? Will your publicist raise your Twitter followers, Facebook likes, internet search hits dramatically?
USA Today said, "Publicity is becoming like politics and people are realizing that fame does not happen accidentally." Having powerful and highly experienced representation is the key. It's not about press releases, major shows and publications receive thousands of those each day. It's about having direct personal access and influence. It takes many years for a publicist to build top level media relationships. We invite you to explore both our web site and blog for examples, our history, publicity tips and more.
Classic Rock Band Vespers Nine newest publicity client of RLHTalent. lauches new music video for their newest song "Forever Yours"
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